Walk This Walk, Talk This Talk — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 45



Walk This Walk,
Talk This Talk

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 21st, 2016 at 2:51 AM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 20 min 51 s Recording: ROY0520LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in French language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


(God’s sang/spoken prophecy
simulating a conversation
between God and a son of God)

2 —Son:

3 “Heavenly Father,
Show me the way.
Shall I go overseas?
Shall I go?”

4 —God:

“And you will see
that the Lord is there
in all yourself.

Oh, the Lord is there on the road.
The Lord is with you, son.

Oh son, you shall walk
as my Son walked.

You shall do
as the apostles did:
you shall be this man.

You shall be this man.
Oh, it will be hard;
oh, it will not always be given;

oh, but I’ll always be there for you.
I’ll always be there for you.

I’ll always be there for you
and I shall bring
this pearl in your hand;
and you shall live with it according to the Word.

Oh son, be thirsty of the word of God!

Be thirsty of my water
and your cup
shall be running over;

and you shall be a happy man;
and you shall have
the virtuous woman.”

15 —Son:

“O Lord! Yes, I pray,
I am begging unto you.

Oh, show me the way
to serve you every day,
even when I am in pain.

The Lord lives in my veins;
He is with me in the battle,
in the cry and in the sorrow.

Lord, Lord, Lord! Show me.”

20 —God:

“Oh, I shall provide to you.
I shall give to you.
I shall be the Provider

of all your needs,
of all your needs,
of ALL your needs,

all, every, every need you need,
your flesh needs
and, your mind needs;

24 but I shall be, I shall be the Provider.

25 You will see in your life that I am the Provider;

26 and you shall be the receiver because you shall give your life, you shall, you shall sacrifice

27 a sacrifice! of a good perfume, pleasing for me.

28 Be aware, remember, I shall be the Provider, the Provider of all your needs.

29 And you shall see that you receive from my hand;

30 And you shall take what you’re receiving.”

31 —Son:

32 “The Lord lives in my veins; He is with me in the battle, in the cry and in the sorrow.”

33 —God:

34 “Oh, I am with you. I am with you, smile, smile!

35 Smile, my son, and walk. Walk this walk! Talk this talk!

36 And you shall pick up, and you shall take, and you shall conquer,

37 oh, what I am putting forward.”

38 —God to the devil:

39 “Oh, step away! Step away! thus says the Lord. Step away, you devil!

40 Step away! Step away! Oh, you shall be on the side: step on the side.

41 Oh, you shall make place, you shall, oh, be… Step aside! Step aside! everyone, every devil!”

42 —God to son:

43 “When I am putting a track before my son, when I am putting a track before my daughter,

44 it’s a promise, it’s a command, a promise to give and a command

45 for the son or the daughter to deliver, to give it to me.

46 I am taking and I am giving, but you shall give first.

47 You shall give first and you shall honour

48 the track that you received, the plan that I have put before your eyes

49 so that you accomplish even though you might meet with those strange spirits on the way;

50 because I shall take these spirits and put them away.

51 This is my will; and my son and daughter shall obey.

52 They shall serve and they shall be dignified, they shall be honoured,

53 because I will honour: my yes is yes and my no is no;

54 and if you become a traitor, oh, shoo-shoo! pfft! I shall, pfft!

55 I shall become angry, I will become sad, oh, and I will pursue,

56 I will pursue my plans, without or with my sons and daughters;

57 because, if it’s not you, it will be the son and daughter beside you;

58 so be sure to accomplish and, to walk this walk and, to talk this talk.”

59 —Son:

60 “Oh I walked this walk, Heavenly Father,

61 and I walk this walk and I talk this talk, o God,

62 I am doing your will, o God, o God, o God.

63 I am walking forward for your name, I am walking forward for you, Lord;

64 and I am giving, Lord, giving the Lord’s name.

65 Oh, Lord! It’s blocked! It’s blocked, Lord! Lord, what do I do, Lord?

66 Lord! It’s stuck, Lord! Lord! Help me, Lord! Lord! Lord! Lord, help me. Help me.”

67 —God:

68 “Oh, the Lord, the Lord shall come and I will come;

69 and I will take, and I will break, and I shall put away,

70 this obstacle,

71 for you to walk this walk, for you to talk this talk,

72 for you to do what you have to do,

73 because this is the will of God, because this is my will;

74 and you shall walk the walk you walk!”

75 —Son:

76 “But Lord, you see, it’s stuck again. O Lord! Help me, Lord! Lord! Help me, Lord!”

77 —God:

78 “The Lord shall walk;

79 and the Lord shall take; and the Lord shall break; and the Lord shall put away;

80 and the Lord will always be there

81 for you to walk, to walk this walk, to talk this talk;

82 and you shall be sitting! before me; and you shall be king amongst them.”



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