This Hidden Talent Of Prophecy — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 46

Plastic pearls shine, but are of no value.


 The Formation Of A Pearl National Geographic Video

This Hidden Talent Of Prophecy

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 26th, 2016 at 11:30 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 18 min 6 s    Recording: ROY0521LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


46 (Prayer unto God.)

2 Father, you gave me a talent. You gave me a talent, ah, so that I serve you and produce from this talent;

3 but I took this talent and I went to hide it; because the afflictions are great.

4 This is not a reason, but Father, Eternal! Oufffff!

5 Alleviate my burden so that I dig my talent out of the ground.

6 Alleviate this burden. Alleviate the atmosphere. Alleviate: burden and atmosphere!

7 Alleviate them for me, for us, so that we kneel down in front of you,

8 so that people recognize what comes from Above,

9 so that people see, and, conceive what God does in front of us.

10 (God’s prophecy.)

11 People, recognize my footsteps, recognize my voice. Oh, my sheep are recognizing my voice.

12 People, recognize my voice. Recognize my voice.

13 And if you forget to do so, oh, I will be furiously mad, angry;

14 forgetting the voice of your Master, forgetting the hand nourishing your body and your spirit.

15 Yes, recognize, recognize what I am doing:

16 oh, I am no more adressing directly, no;

17 I decided to use men, women, who are to my image

18 to speak in front of you,

19 to give you the Life, the word of Life, the truth, the Life, the Life, the Life, the prophecy.

20 I brought it before, I bring it now and I will bring it in the future.

21 Ohhhhh! People, recognize the voice of the Master, recognize my voice, recognize my joy.

22 Recognize that. Recognize me.

23 Do it! And do it! And recognize, and continue recognizing my footsteps and, my ways and, those people I am using.

24 Very few are the ones I use. Small quantity! Great quality!

25 Listen carefully when I am using this small quantity.

26 Yes, hear, listen and listen again, and do it again and do and accomplish things.

27 Have faith. Have faith in me. Have faith and you will see

28 that if you listen very well and that you understand well,

29 you will recognize the false ones from the true ones, from those people who proclaim to be of my name while it is not so!

30 Ah, my own children! those ones! you will recognize them; and among them, you will recognize the vessels of honour,

31 and you will recognize, yes, the colours, the flavours and the odours of the spirit of God,

32 of the spirit of the Eternal which is traveling through them.

33 You must be attentive! Give them your attention! Give them your attention.

34 Look at them very carefully! Listen to them very carefully! Beware!

35 Beware! Beware! Seek to discern the Spirit.

36 Seek to discern the Spirit. Oh, give them your full attention. Analyze the Spirit!

37 Analyze the Spirit! Analyze : seek the Spirit! in its expressions.

38 Seek the Spirit! in what is being said.

39 Seek the Spirit! in the actions, but seek the Spirit which is expressing itself before you.

40 Seek for it! Oh, seek for it from the deep bottom of your heart

41 and you will see, you will see the difference between, yes, plastic and pearls.

42 Oh yes! Plastic shines, but it is of no value. Oh, plastic is a good imitation, but it is not the genuine thing.

43 Oh no! Plastic is not a natural material; but the pearl is natural!

44 Oh, my children, they are genuine. Oh yes! Those people serving me and honouring the Word, they are the genuine ones.

45 You must be true children! and recognize the true children; because if you are true children, you will recognize the true ones;

46 and if you are honest people, you will recognize them and you will admit them.

47 You will admit. Admit! Admit!

48 And this, let this and that, set aside personal interests;

49 and make space for the Spirit which is expressing itself, oh yes, which is traveling.

50 My Spirit communicates and it inter-communicates using the great body of Christ.©



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