Miracles All Around — “The Holy Bible Continues” Book 2016, Chapter 48


You will do miracles all around the globe.


Miracles All Around

God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on November 27th, 2016 at 00:13 AM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 12 min 27 s    Recording: ROY0522LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in French language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


(Prayer unto God.)

2 O Lord! Lord, Lord! O Lord! O my Lord!

3 You shall, Lord, make a way, make a way through all this pain

4 because you are, oh, my Saviour, and you are the One that I put my faith in.

5 O Lord! O Lord! O Lord! O Lord!

6 My faith is in the Lord, my faith is in you, my faith is all to you

7 because I know that you shall make it and you shall make a route through the storm.

8 O Lord! Help me, Lord! Help me through this pain.

9 Help me through this life, this life, this lowlife that is on Earth.

10 I am not! up high with the Lord, I am still! down on Earth;

11 but I know that one day I shall be with him

12 and I shall live in peace for the rest of the time.

13 O Lord! O Lord! I know I shall reach you, Lord, I shall come to you, Lord.

14 O Lord! Give me comfort, Lord. Give me strength, Lord.

15 O Lord! Give me the power, Lord. I want the power, Lord.

16 I want it all. Oh, I want it all! I want it all.

17 I want it all, because the task, that is, that must be done, is great, Lord.

18 The task is great, Lord, and I shall have all the power, Lord, to accomplish, Lord.

19 O Lord! My Lord! Heavenly Father!

20 Give me all the power. Give me all the power. Give me all the patience.

21 O Lord! Give me the endurance, Lord.

22 O Lord! I shall bear and bear what you are putting in my hand, Lord, o Lord;

23 and walk, o Lord, and talk, o Lord, and sing, o Lord, and shout, o Lord, o Lord.

24 (God’s prophecy.)

25 Preach out! oh, says the Lord.

26 Preach out! Go out! Preach to one. Preach to two. Preach to three.

27 And do it, do it for my name!

28 Go out! and walk! and preach to three, and preach to four, and four to five, and five to six:

29 and you know! and you know that you shall do this;

30 and you will be succeeding in it, because I said it,

31 because I am sending you out to these on the left, to these others on the right.

32 So! You will walk, oh, you will talk, oh, you will sing,

33 oh, you will preach, oh, and you will dance, amen, and you will make

34 this expression of mine, this expression that is mine, oh, that I want to see all around;

35 and you shall make miracles, and you shall produce these signs,

36 because this is my will and I am revealing to you, that I am revealing to you,

37 because I once said before that I will reveal more;

38 and that is taking place because I have said it and I said it;

39 and now, it takes place; and you will see more, and you shall get more;

40 because you will see, you will benefit.

41 That is my promise that it shall take place for you:

42 and you will do miracles, and you will walk this walk, and you will talk this talk

43 all around, all around, all around the globe,  all around and around and around.

44 You shall walk. There, you shall walk this place.

45 Go there and walk this other place.

46 You shall do it. Amen. You will do it. Amen.

47 And I shall be pleased, and I will be pleased, because this is my will.

48 And you shall accomplish this, you shall accomplish this: you will walk, oh, you will talk. ©


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