The Spirit Which Inhabits Inside Of Us: Praises unto God. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2016” (chap. 54)

 The Spirit Which
Inhabits Inside Of Us

Praises unto God
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on December 18th, 2016 at 8:16 PM
Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 9 min 30 s Recording: PELO0527R4P

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2016


(Praises unto God.)

2 «You formed a body for me, says Jesus, says the Spirit.”

3 “You formed a body for me.” “You formed a body for me.” “You formed a body for me.”

4 The same Spirit which has formed inside Marie this body and which resurrected Jesus from among the dead people,

5 that same Spirit inhabits inside of us and leads us through green pasture.

6 We are recognizing that it is the Eternal, our God, who is nourishing us, who is Himself taking care of us,

7 in order to keep us and to hold on to us as we are making efforts to hold on to the mystery of faith through a pure conscience;

8 and the Eternal too is making efforts to keep us, to take care of us, to be watchful ahead and behind, everywhere,

9 so that we are not attacked by some power and without any defence;

10 because you are the One who looks after and who answers.

11 O Father, Eternal, you surround us, round the back, round the front, as you surrounded your nation in the Old Testament.

12 O Father, Eternal, you were leading their walk and you closed their walk;

13 you were in front of them and you were behind them in order to guard your nation,

14 in order to walk in the middle of your nation, amongst them, o Father, Eternal;

15 and here today, you are amongst us, above us,

16 amongst us and, inside of us, inside of us, now inside of us,

17 inside of us who have accepted, o Father, Eternal,

18 using the faith you gave us, and your grace, o Father, Eternal;

19 in order to recognize Christ, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, o Father, Eternal,

20 who came to have supper with us, who entered in our homes, who ate along with us, ate inside of us, ate with us,

21 in order to nourish us with this hidden Manna, o Father, Eternal,

22 which we are recognizing it to be the strength that is necessary in the life of any sheep of God,

23 in order to pass through the burning furnace, the fiery furnace,

24 cruelly heated by the devil, for it to be more and more hot,

25 in order to pass through the fire, so that you are with us passing through the waters, the winds and tides.

26 You are with us, you are always with us, you never neglect us, you never let us down;

27 because you promised that:

28 “You are my sheep. You hear my voice. You follow me.

29 I am with you until the end of the world.”

30 “No power coming from the enemy will be able to harm you in order for you to leave my name making curses to my elects.”

31 Jesus is his name, o Father, Eternal,

32 to be dominating on all nations, all people’s races, any spirit, any wickedness,

33 any demon, any unclean, vile, low-down, wicked spirit,

34 o Father, Eternal,

35 in order for ourselves to be found good, pleasing and perfect before God

36 walking on serpents and on scorpions, not letting ourselves gnawed by the roaring lion,

37 o Father, Eternal,

38 inside the lion’s pit where we are

39 because we are not only inside the furnace, the furnace of adversity.

40 As Peter said it, to not be surprised as if it was a strange thing

41 of the furnace inside which we are right in the middle of it;

42 and also, we are not only in a furnace,

43 but even the apostle Peter said it that the devil is roaring as a roaring lion.

44 These same lions were inside Daniel’s pit, where Daniel was thrown inside that pit

45 just like we are ourselves thrown inside that pit;

46 but there is nothing that was found to be incriminating involving Daniel;

47 nothing, nothing, nothing, facing men, facing his God;

48 therefore, the lions did not have any power over him

49 just like the lions, inside this lion’s court inside which we are,

50 o Father, Eternal,

51 have no power over us; because you are our God, you are guarding us, you are preserving us;

52 and then, you gave us the authority in Jesus’ name to eliminate the power of the fire, the power of the lions,

53 o Father, Eternal,

54 the power of scorpions and serpents and, of all that is venomous, of all that his poisonous,

55 o Father, Eternal,

56 and even, the tongue, the lying tongue, the false tongue, the perverted tongue,

57 the tongue which lets itself, o Father, Eternal, manipulated by Satan, by the strange spirits.

58 O Father, Eternal, we cannot be bitten, nor stung:

59 it cannot offend us, it cannot affect us, it cannot move us,

60 it cannot deaden us, it cannot extinguish us,

61 it cannot extinguish us, and extinguish us, and extinguish us;

62 because the Spirit you gave us is inflamed by the Word and we are not extinguishing your Spirit, o Father, Eternal.

63 No, no, no and no! No, we are not extinguishing the Spirit. No, we are not looking elsewhere.

64 No, no, no! Our eyes are not the eyes of the foolish person

65 looking at the other end of the world, but our eyes are before us reading the wisdom of the Scriptures of the Word, o Father, Eternal,

66 in order to be found wise people before God, in order to be faithful and wise stewards,

67 o Father, Eternal,

68 who are taking care of the Father’s business while waiting for the Son to come back.

69 The Father’s business!

70 “I am taking care of the things of the Father; ah, and then, I am leaving it all in your hands.

71 You will do things which are even greater than the ones I did because me, I am leaving.”

72 The things of the Father! The things of the Father! The things of the Father!

73 Ah, my work is for the King, the Father, the King of kings, our King, the only immortal and invisible God,

74 King of all centuries who reigns everlastingly, ah, over us, o Father, Eternal, in our garden, in our backyard.

75 Oh, you reign over us, o Father, Eternal, but we are grateful towards you

76 that we are not having a king, a government who reigns over us;

77 no, but for having God for our King, God for our government, a heavenly government

78 and, for letting God govern over us; and we are happy to let you govern us,

79 because you ar leading us to walk in peaceful paths, in green pasture.

80 You are having a great pleasure,

81 –because we are your greatest joy on the Earth and even, in heaven, except for Jesus, ah, in Jesus;–

82 you are pleased to be nourishing us, watching us go here and there, o Father, Eternal,

83 to be probing our intentions, the intentions of our hearts to please you,

84 yes, watching us, considering and examining the intentions of our hearts in serving you;

85 because you gave us a heart to serve you, o Father, Eternal,

86 and we are exercising with faith and with piety, o Father, Eternal, what you gave us for a heart, o Father, Eternal,

87 to serve you with an honest heart, with a heart, o Father, Eternal, that heart the Scriptures are producing,

88 aah, a devoted heart, o Father, Eternal, and then, a well-disposed soul. Well-disposed!

89 You recognize, o Father, Eternal, you recognize inside of us,

90 us your sheep, your elects, the wise virgins of your ministry who are

91 attached and hungry for your glory and your garment, for your Word, o Father, Eternal, which we are, o Almighty God,

92 but by the Word of your wisdom and of the knowledge that you gave us,

93 we eat with the sincerity of our heart, o Father, Eternal; for you are pleased to nourish us,

94 ah, Lord, and that we are, o Father, Eternal, thirsty people for justice and for the glory to come;

95 because through our peseverance to do well, o Father, Eternal,

96 we are amassing for ourselves, o everlasting Lord, treasures, treasures, treasures, treasures in heaven;

97 and, not amassing for ourselves a treasure of wrath, not being foolish virgins, o Father, Eternal,

98 who are not taking the time in the name of Jesus-Christ.

99 Who are not taking the time. Who are not taking the time. Who are not taking the time.

100 Even your 80-year-old sheep, o Father, Eternal, who put to shame your goats, o Father, Eternal,

101 those sheep who are, o Father, Eternal, as the ones Malachi was stuck with:

102 “What a strain to have to get dressed in order to go to the temple!”

103 “It’s too hot.” “It’s too cold.” “We have other things to do.”

104 Ah, when the Eternal will open the doors of his kingdom

105 for the just nation, to let in the just nation, ah, there will be many surprises in the doorway of my house.

106 There will be many surprises in the doorway of the house!

107 There will be many surprises in the doorway of the house, ah, because the door will be closed:

108 “Ah but Lord, I am a virgin!

109 —Yes but, Paul, Paul! you read him in the Word.

110 —Yes but I didn’t thing that it was so strict.”

111 We never stop saying how much it is strict, o Father, Eternal.

112 Yes, in the name of Jesus-Christ, God’s severity, we are considering it.

113 We are considering his goodness too,

114 for God is not unjust to forget all your work and the love that we have showed for his name,

115 still rendering, and then, rendering again

116 services unto the saints and the Church, o Father, Eternal, and, the ministry

117 and with the offerings made of living sacrifices, which are holy and pleasing unto God,

118 o Father, Eternal, in the name of Jesus who is now the Sacrifice.

119 Sacrifices! sacrifices! sacrifices!

120 It is not a sacrifice. No! We call it a sacrifice, but it is not a sacrifice: it is only a reasonable worship.

121 It is only a reasonable worship to offer you our bodies, our members, our tears, our eyes, o Father, Eternal,

122 our riches, in the name of Jesus-Christ, ah, Father, Eternal,

123 so that you are also enriched; not only that we are enriched, but so that you too you are enriched, o Father, Eternal, our God.

124 Make the Eternal more rich with our praises, o Father, Eternal, with our offerings.

125 Ah, to you goes honour and glory in this century and for all centuries.

126 Thank you Jesus, glory unto you. ©


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