No Intruder — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 6


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Book 2017.

No Intruder

God’s prophecy (3 of 5)
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 13th, 2017 at 11:00 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 49 min 30 s
Recording: ROY0531G5

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English and in French languages
and publication by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


(Suite of prophecy 2 of 5.)

2 Oh, in the heavens, over there, ah, flames of joy, oh yes, my burning torch is illuminating;

3 oh yes, my angels are exclaiming, ah, praising. Alleluia.

4 Ah, the devil is observing. Ah, he is there and he observes.

5 Aside! Aside! Oh yes, aside! I tossed him aside!

6 Ah! Ah! Aside! Step aside, Satan!

7 Ah, my sons, my daughters are serving me; and you, no. No, no!

8 Oh yes, disowned! ah, I denied you. I crushed you aside, oh yes;

9 and I did… Oh yes, I also crushed my Son. Ah, I did not want that, but it was necessary for the eternal sacrifice.

10 This sacrifice was necessary so that other people have access, so that you daughter, you son, you child, you elder,

11 so that you and you and you! can serve the Eternal so that you have access to me, to me.

12 Ah, you may try… Ah you may try to see me,

13 you may try to come to me using other roads, you may try;

14 but you will not find nothing, you will find nothing. Nothing! Less than nothing! You will find nothing!

15 You will find on your road only dark times. Oh yes, you will see phony types of Light, fluorescent lights, yes.

16 It will not be a burning flame which is vivifying,

17 it will not be the consuming fire of the Eternal, no;

18 just a little Light, a fine little night lamp, nothing comparable to my burning torch.

19 Ah, I want you to be flamboyant people!

20 Ah, why? Why let your Light go out? Why be depressed? Why become depressed?

21 Don’t let yourself become depressed:

22 “Oh! The Eternal is inside of me. The Word of the Eternal is in me. Word of Life giving me Life! Giving me Life!”

23 Do you have enough water inside of you? Are you taking enough water?

24 Is your cup running over?

25 Ah! Drink your fill, my son. Drink your fill, my daughter. Drink your fill from my drinking trough.

26 Oh, go there! go there to the drinking trough! To the drinking trough, go there! Go there, I am leading you there!

27 Head to the drinking trough.

28 Head to the drinking trough and you will see that the water of Life which dwells inside of you will chase away, chase away yes,

29 the ungodly spirits attempting to dwell inside of you,

30 the strange spirits attempting to take the place of the word of the Eternal,

31 the word of Life, the Word, the Word, oh, the Word, my Word.

32 Do not let the Word be replaced; otherwise, you will see your end and you will see your end;

33 and you will see your end, your end, your end, your end, and your end; and you will be hungry.

34 Oh yes, you will be needy. You will not have nothing to eat and your soul will be attacked and your soul will be crying;

35 because your soul will be starved for not having served the Eternal.

36 Serve me. Oh yes, I will give you the will to do so.

37 Oh, I will bring in the doing, yes! oh yes, in order to do, to lead you into doing;

38 and to lead you to drink! and to lead you to be running over! running over! running over!

39 I wish to have cups, running over vessels! running over, running over! running over!

40 This is how I know there is no space for any of the other spirits.

41 If your vessel is half full, what do you do with the other half?

42 When the empty space will seek to be filled up, yes, if it’s not with my water of Life, what will you fill it up with?

43 What will enter in inside of you?

44 Will it be the python snake? the cobra snake? the small scorpion?

45 See to it to keep the lid on your vessel

46 in order to let no intruder enter in and, to make sure to fill up your cup with my water of Life!

47 so that you green up! finally! in the end of the race! in the end! when you come before my face

48 and so that I can see, oh, yep, a living plant! the carried fruit, the fruit that you brought to me.

49 Let people bring in some fruit before my face, some beautiful and delicious fruits smelling up to my nostrils,

50 oh, so that I can delight in my bowels. That I can delight!

51 Let me have the pleasure to delight over your serfdom; because this is very little to ask compared to what is awaiting you:

52 eternal life, life in my city;

53 ha! not the city of Satan, not the world of the prince of this world, no;

54 my city! мой город! мой город! [my city! my city!] город Иисуса Христа!  [the city of Jesus-Christ!]

55 Let me love you. Let me soften your heart.

56 Let me bring in new materials in order to reconstruct you

57 on a stable foundation deeply anchored in the ground,

58 in order to erect a fortress, yes, using inside of it the most precious jewels.

59 Yes, let me do that.

60 Let me do that and I will do it. Oh, I will do it. I will do it. ©


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