Neutralize The Python — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 4


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Book 2017.

Neutralize The Python

Prayer followed by God’s prophecy (1 of 5)
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 13th, 2017 at 11:00 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 49 min 30 s
Recording: ROY0531G5

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


(Prayer unto God.)

2 Father Eternal, we pray for a change to the root.

3 How can we transform a stone into flesh?

4 Transform the carnal desires into spiritual desires, how do we that?

5 O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus,

6 ah, Father Eternal, ah, the devil surrounded the clan of the saints;

7 but me, I pray the Eternal for Him to go conquer again his fortresses,

8 in the name of Jesus, to go snatch out of his hands what belongs to the Almighty,

9 the pearls belonging to the Almighty.

10 Instigate a change that is spiritual, psychological, physiological, neurological,

11 in the name of Jesus-Christ, in order to change the individual,

12 to make the venom come out, to burst the abscess, the venom.

13 The venomous snake which is biting now and biting, we chase him to go into the abyss.

14 Give a new heart, a new heart, to this individual,

15 give a heart that is new, give a heart coming from Above, a heart to serve the Eternal.

16 O Father,

17 You know this individual’s needs. You know what the needs are, in the name of Jesus.

18 You know what the needs are, recognize those needs and fulfill those needs,

19 oh, so that you are served and praised, so that songs can be given unto you and so that you can be loved

20 with all its might, with all its power, with all its praise,

21 oh, in order to stun and dazzle and that songs reach out the angels

22 and, higher up reaching God and, Jesus of Nazareth.

23 To surround the camp of the saints! Yes! The devil surrounded the camp of the saints

24 and the camp of the saints reacts with the courage of the Word of God, of the Word of Life,

25 the cutting weapon which is vivifying, which pierces through the spirit, which pierces through the hearts,

26 yes, which goes and, which goes and, which travels everywhere.

27 Oh, Father Eternal!

28 Send the Word to sow, to sow deeply into the heart in order to germinate, and, germinate a plant of Life.

29 (God’s prophecy.)

30 I want to see a plant of Life which produces fruit for me!

31 Produce some fruit for me. I wish to have some fruit for me. I want some fruit for my glory.

32 I want some fruit. Give me some fruit. What are you waiting for? I am waiting after you.

33 Give me some fruit and you will be blessed. Give me some fruit. Give me some fruit.

34 Produce some fruit. Yearn to produce this fruit. Produce the fruit.

35 Carry me! Carry, carry, carry!

36 Bring it in! Bring in your burdens. Bring in your burdens.

37 Let your burdens fall to my feet

38 and I will take care of them and I will relieve them, oh,

39 I will relieve and I will soften and I will dissolve the pains, the pains.

40 Ah, no more pains! General anaesthesia!

41 Oh, take my Word and anaesthetize the painful regions.

42 Oh, anaesthetize, anaesthetize, anaesthesia!

43 anaesthetize yourselves of the Word of the Eternal of the armies;

44 because my Word is living and my Word lives, oh, my Word: I Am.

45 Oh, my Son came, and my Son conquered, and my Son came up, came up to be with me.

46 And do the same as good soldiers do:

47 and I command you to vanquish, and I command you to make it happen!

48 and to confront, and to stand up! with all your might!

49 The Eternal commands you to fight! with all your might!

50 with the entire authority! that is spiritual, heavenly, yes, which comes from my Son

51 in order to battle and to attack and to neutralize.

52 The python is roaming about! The python is there. Oh yes! The python is back. Haven’t I said that before?

53 Do not let the cobra, the python, the reptile, the wicked one, enter in inside your vessel.

54 Do not let him enter in inside your vessel, do not let him sleep inside your vessel,

55 do not let him dance inside your vessel; because your vessel is the property of the Eternal.

56 Yes, you belong to me

57 and I will not allow any strange creature dwell in my temple,

58 says the Eternal, ah, the Eternal.

59 Ah, I hear the shouts of my children who are suffering to see

60 the body of Christ, yes, so attacked from all sides, ah, put to the test, yes.

61 Ah, beware! Beware! Beware! Be on your guards. Be watchful.

62 Oh, keep yourselves. Keep yourselves. Oh, keep yourselves.

63 Keep yourselves. Keep yourselves. Yes, keep yourselves.

64 Be a good example.

65 Keep yourselves solidly anchored, deeply rooted inside the Word of Life and of Spirit which nourishes your root,

66 yes, which nourishes, which allows you to produce the fruit,

67 the waited for and claimed fruit and the fruit, ah, we are waiting for with impatience!

68 Ah, we never get used to such a waiting period, ah, still yearning on and on!

69 Ah, the Eternal will not be indefinitely yearning!

70 Oh no, my patience, my patience, my patience! (Great sighs.)

71 my patience is under, under a great strain, great strain, oh;

72 oh, but do not irritate the Eternal of the armies. Do not irritate me, because if you irritate me, oh,

73 oh, oh, I will be hitting you

74 I will be pushing you down, pushing down your head, pushing down your head like a nail!

75 ah, that we hit and that we hit and that we deeply drive in the hole. ©


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