A Privileged Place — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 9


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Book 2017.

 A Privileged Place

Prayer followed by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 24th, 2017 at 10:47 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 12 min 5 s
Recording: ROY0532G5

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English and in French languages
and publication by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


(Prayer unto God.)

2 Father Eternal, to open the heart of charity of the strangers

3 so that they bless us, so that they bless us with their generosity,

4 oh yes, with their knowledge, Father Eternal, and so that they welcome us, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

5 Ah, let the stranger act as a friend.

6 O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

7 I command the Spirit to go towards this person, oh yes, and to influence this person

8 so that she accepts me and so that she adopts me in her premices, yes when the time comes.

9 In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, Father Eternal, I claimed before and I am still claiming.

10 I need answers and, positive answers, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

11 so that you are a perfect blessing.

12 In the name of Jesus-Christ! Alleluia. In the name of Jesus! Alleluia.

13 In the name of Jesus, alleluia, in the name of the Holy Lamb

14 that came on the cross and did it all for us. Alleluia.

15 Me, I serve the living God. Oh yes, I wish to see my God so that he acts in my life.

16 Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

17 you know, oh, you know this, Father Eternal, that I need to have this priviledged place,

18 –Privileged! Oh yes, Father Eternal!–

19 so that it will be a comfortable stay, Father Eternal, and so that I can have peace and the courage, yes, to continue,

20 to continue circulating in the lane you are commanding me, ah, in the lane you ordained me, yes.

21 I accept your ordinances, Father, yes, but I ask you to produce that, Father Eternal.

22 Give me that, in the name of Jesus-Christ.

23 Give it to me, Lord. Give it to me, Lord, oh, in the name of Jesus-Christ!

24 Coheir with my brother, Father Eternal, coheir, in the name of Jesus-Christ, coheir of the everlasting life.

25 Coheir! Alleluia. The heritage, Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ!

26 There exist a great heritage of the everlasting life

27 and there exist the heritages of blessings, yes, on this Earth, in the name of Jesus.

28 Ah, I am claiming for the small heritage, oh yes, as you are asking us to do;

29 and you are asking us to ask; and we are asking, o Father Eternal,

30 without ceasing praying your name, imploring you for your grace in the name of Jesus-Christ,

31 in order to ask and to ask and to obtain, at last to obtain and to glorify you, Father Eternal,

32 and to praise you with all our powers and, with all our might and, with all our mind.

33 Father Eternal,

34 to praise you because you are blessing us,

35 to praise you because you sent to us the One who gave his life for our sins,

36 who gave his life for the one who does not know you, oh, who is not serving your great name,

37 your great name, Father Eternal. Alleluia.

38 Ah, my Master, more than my Master, my Father Eternal, oh yes, the Master and my Father,

39 oh yes, when I get to see him, and when I ask him and when I implore him, oh, with persistance,

40 the Eternal hears my voice, and the Eternal acts, and the Eternal deploys, spreads himself,

41 oh, he sends, he sends his servants, oh yes, he sends his angels, he even sends his Son,

42 ah, to bless us, to bless us! us who are serving, ah, the Great God, the Great God.

43 Oh, royal priesthood, yes, we have become so. We take part, yes, we take part

44 to this pure covenant, o Father Eternal, because we are taking part

45 and that we are serving and giving, and producing, Father Eternal,

46 ah, we ask, and we ask again, and again, we ask the Eternal,

47 the Eternal, the great provider for his children, the Great, the Great God,

48 the Eternal, my God, the One I am serving, and the One who comes to all, all, all my needs.

49 The Eternal does that for my needs. Yes, he accomplishes it all to come to my needs;

50 oh yes, because I serve, yes, I serve at the house of my Father;

51 and that the Word is in me, and that I cherish my Word which came out of the mouth of God.

52 (God’s prophecy.)

53 How many people are cherishing the Word coming out of my mouth? How many people are cherishing it? How many people are hearing it?

54 How many people are even giving some attention

55 to the Word that I am pronouncing? that I pronounced? or even, that I will be pronouncing?

56 Who cares? Who cares?

57 I have the regret to see that even some of my children forget, forget, neglect,

58 ah, to give some attention to the word of the Eternal.

59 Ah, why so much disregard? Why so much indifference?

60 Oh, the Eternal is patient. The Eternal is waiting. Oh, the Eternal is impatient.

61 The Eternal wants all of you to give your attention to the words he is pronouncing;

62 because they are meant for you and they are said for your good;

63 oh yes, for your sanctification and for your edification and for your salvation in the end, at last!

64 in order to come to have, to have, to have this so great salvation, to have the heritage I am preparing.

65 Oh, I am preparing with meticulousness, oh yes, I give my instructions with precision

66 in order to prepare a place for each one of my children,

67 so that when, ah, the bride shows up, so that she has a place of great value,

68 yes, in my city, in my city, oh, great city, in my great city.

69 Oh yes, give your attention, lend a ear, lend a ear, listen, hear, read, read.

70 Oh yes, go consume, consume my words, in order to live them, ah, to digest them inside your bowels,

71 yes, in order to live them, to live them! to live them in your flesh,

72 so that you live in your flesh what you see that is written, what you hear that is pronounced,

73 oh, so that you really live it

74 in order to be able to be an active member, yes, to the priesthood.

75 Oh yes! Royal lineage! The lineage! My lineage!

76 Yes but, my lineage must be aligned with what is written out on the lines of the Word of Life.

77 Yes I will fulfill your request, my son. ©


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