Campaigns For Conquests — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 10


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Book 2017.

Campaigns For Conquests

Praises unto God followed by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on January 28th, 2017 at 23:04 PM
Greater Montréal (Québec) CANADA
Running time: 16 min 24 s
Recording: ROY0533G5

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English and in French languages
and publication by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


10 (Praises unto God.)

2 Oh yes, to whom would we go? Hey? To whom would we go if it were not of Christ?

3 To whom would we go if it were not of the One who came for us?

4 To whom would we go? In whom would we put our confidence?

5 On whom would we be leaning on? and battling for?

6 Yes, we would be lost souls, wandering souls,

7 without any tie unto the Eternal, without any Word, without Life, without any estate, no.

8 (God’s prophecy.)

9 Emptiness which fills up the wandering souls,

10 emptiness yes, emptiness!

11 emptiness filling up the wandering souls,

12 ah, emptiness, empty, emptied, ah, exhausted serving the devil.

13 They are exhausted serving my enemy. They are exhausting themselves serving my enemy!

14 They are exhauting themselves! They are exhausting themselves! They are well determined.

15 Oh, they are determined and they are determined to be serving the enemy,

16 ah, serving the flesh yes, ah, serving and serving the belly and serving the inclinations.

17 Oh yes! All that is only honouring the enemy, making him win, making my enemy win.

18 Yes, he is laughing. He’s having a good laugh. He’s laughing well. He’s laughing well.

19 Cease! cease the exhaustion, the exhaustion which is in vain.

20 In vain! Exhausting themselves in vain! In vain, exhausting themselves! serving a dead god,

21 a god who does not speak, a god who does not exist, a god who will not be able to save no one, no,

22 a god of the creation and not the God Creator, the God who did it all,

23 yes, the One who sent the Lamb, oh yes, who lead the Lamb to accomplish the word of the Eternal;

24 yes, to be accomplishing perfectly! in a dignified manner! the desires of God,

25 ah, with a pure blood that flowed. Oh yes, flowed! flowed! The blood flowed.

26 Yes, my Son! My Son exhausted himself serving me!

27 Oh yes! Exhaust yourselves! Exhaust yourselves! serving me!

28 Oh yes, you still have not used up your reserves. You still have a lot of energy reserves.

29 Yes, your energy is still a living energy! Oh yes, I want your energy to be serving me,

30 producing at my mill, producing, producing, and propagating my Word.

31 Oh yes, I want to have this propagation of the Word.

32 I want it and I am hoping for it.

33 I wish to have it and I want to see it with my eyes.

34 I wish to see it being propagated, yes, everywhere; because I will have sons, I will have daughters,

35 propagating the Word, propagating my name, propagating, propagating,

36 oh yes, if it’s necessary, exhausting themselves to spread my name, for my name,

37 oh, in the name of Jesus, Jesus-Christ, oh, the name of my Son, oh yes, the great name, oh, my name.

38 All for my name!

39 Oh yes, me, ah, I will recharge you, recharge your batteries. Your batteries will be recharged.

40 Oh yes, it will be a rapid! complete! reloading,

41 oh yes, so that you can continue to serve me

42 and, cease to exhaust yourselves destroying your body and destroying your body, and destroying, and destroying!

43 and destroying what belongs to me! what belongs entirely to me! totally!

44 Oh yes, just like with all your powers you served the evil things and, you served the flesh,

45 yes, with all your powers, you must be serving the Almighty in order to be blessed

46 and in order to see the Word, yes, inside of you and, the Word inside your mouth

47 and, the Word around you and the Word everywhere, all over,

48 so that the Word can find new temples to dwell in, new places,

49 oh yes, new territories to operate in.

50 Yes, the Word wants to live in temples, ah, the temples which are inhabited by the enemy.

51 Oh, the Eternal wants to see these temples inhabited by the Word, says the Eternal.

52 Says the Eternal! The Word!

53 Ah, the Word of Life, I want it to be in those temples, yes, oh, emptied! abandoned! Oh yes, abandonment!

54 Ah, it is abandoned, abandoned by my enemy yes, exhausted, torn.

55 Oh yes, we will be campaigning! Yes, I want my children to be campaigning.

56 I wish to have campaigns for conquests. I wish to have conquests. Oh yes, go conquering.

57 Yes, I will give you victory in order to conquer, oh yes, and to convince people

58 and to make it so there is more, more sons, oh, more daughters serving me with all their powers

59 and to reinforce the army of the Eternal, and to reinforce the body of Christ.

60 Oh yes, the Eternal is calling you. The Eternal is asking you to make conquests.

61 Go conquering! Go with this walk conquering the territories of the enemy.

62 Go with this walk! With this walk, you shall go! Oh yes, I will make you conquer

63 so that you are in victory and so that I am glorious before the enemy who yes is… oh, who is ahead.

64 Oh, he is there. He is there! He is there. He is ahead, oh yes, oh yes, lingering.

65 Ah, I can’t wait to! Oh yes!

66 Me, I will show him that my sons, that my daughters are serving me

67 and, that not only they are serving me with all their powers and with all their mind,

68 but that not only they are serving me, but that they are also conquering,

69 that my children, they are not only my children, they are not only my children,

70 but that they are also conquerors, oh yes, conquerors

71 yes, in order to sow the Word and to conquer new territories

72 so that my Word can germinate in new soils, so that my Word can germinate

73 so that it grows and, so that it grows, oh, until it produces some fruit!

74 Yes, to be producing some fruit in foreign lands, oh, to be producing some fruit in unknown lands,

75 to be producing some fruit in those lands I don’t already own or, that I no more own.

76 Oh, sing songs of victory and sing the victory, oh yes, you who will be conquerors;

77 oh yes, you to whom I am granting the victory

78 to be conquering new territories and to convince new souls to be serving me.

79 Oh, new souls of men! And more souls of men! Oh, new souls of women! And more souls of women!

80 Good news! Good news! Good perfumes! Good fruits! ah, to my eyes!

81 Ah, I wish to have more conquests! Give me more conquests! I wish to have more conquests!

82 Oh yes, fortify the conquests you already have,

83 in order to consolidate my body and, to consolidate, consolidate my Spirit.

84 Consolidate! Oh yes, I want to see you consolidating. Consolidate and consolidate the city walls.

85 Oh yes, consolidate the city walls. Fortify the city wall.

86 Oh yes, be there. Be busy working at it.

87 Oh yes, consider! Consider! Consider very well my words.

88 Consider the words that I am addressing you on this day. Yes, that I am addressing you!

89 Oh yes, I am addressing you and I am addressing this unto you.

90 Oh yes, I am expecting you to be conquering.

91 Ah, the conquest! Ah, the Eternal is thirsty for conquests.

92 The Eternal is thirsty! Yes, the Eternal! Oh yes! the Eternal wants his children to be serving him fully!

93 Oh yes! Oh, you must not underestimate, underestimate the potential of making conquests;

94 yes, because the potential is greater than what you imagine it to be.

95 Oh, the potential is there.

96 Oh yes, I want to have conquering men, oh yes, I want to have conquering women,

97 who will be operating, oh yes, to go search for, to go search,

98 yes, the potential, the potential sons, the potential daughters.

99 Oh yes, walk with this walk. Walk with this walk with a song of victory;

100 because I am granting you right now conquests and, victories.

101 Yes, I am predicting this and you will see it happen. ©


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