New Passengers — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 13


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Book 2017.

New Passengers

Prayer unto God followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on February 14th, 2017 at 16:13 AM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time : 13 min 7 s
Recording : ROY0536LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


13 (Prayer unto God.)

Make me see what I must see. Make your ways happen.

Perform, perform your promises, Father Eternal.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

I find that it requires an amazing resilience, it makes no sense.

We must be strong as an oak tree, and flexible as reed all at once.

Father Eternal, perform your promises. Ah, perform your promises.

Show up and prove unto us! Show us your face so that we notice your exploits coming from Above.

Show up! Show up! Show us your works. Show us your actions. Show us your performances.

10 Show up to us! Great God! Great God!

11 My God is living. My God provides all my needs.

12 My God walks on the enemy. My God performs and my God… and my God… he lives.

13 Father Eternal, I have a lot to offer, Father, oh; but I need… I need… I need… I need…

14 What’s left? what’s left? what’s left? after having given everything?

15 Father, don’t make me wait beyond measure. You said you found my blessing. You said you have found it.

16 Therefore, I want you to tell me that the blessing is at my door, oh, so that I meet the blessing, oh, so that it makes me happy.

17 Oh yes, let us be happy, let us get drunk in the Spirit of the Eternal

18 which lives and wishes to live in temples, in souls, yes.

19 (God’s prophecy.)

20 Oh, the word of Life, it must be written on the table of your heart.

21 Yes, if you want to give your heart, it is a must that her heart is the same as your heart;

22 that is when, yes, it will work; that is when, you will win your battle.

23 Show who you are and the enemy will run far away.

24 Show who you are! Show who you are even if it hurts you.

25 Show who you are! Oh, show who you are!

26 When will this day come true, finally reached this day, this day promised beforehand, this day promised by the Almighty?

27 this promised day when we will take over the promised land?

28 Oh yes, not many, not many, yes, not many down here,

29 yes, my sons are not many, they don’t have many compatriots.

30 Yes, my brothers, ah, the sisters are not many.

31 Oh yes, walk! walk! walk! walk! walk in my Word.

32 Ah, display yourselves. Display yourselves! Display the colours, oh, of your household.

33 Display! Display the colours of your armorial bearings, yes; because the sons and the daughters of my household

34 are wearing the colours and the divine perfumes, yes, which are coming from my Spirit.

35 Oh yes, you will be in abomination unto many people, unto many people, oh yes;

36 but I have called you to be conquerors; and I have called you to perform things with exactitude;

37 oh yes, to complete things, oh yes, and to do those things! and to do those things!

38 because I gave you the aptitude, oh yes, I am giving you the attitude, oh yes, so that you convert the multitude;

39 yes, so that you can fill up your spaces with servants, yes, with sons and daughters serving me

40 in my house, in my place, oh, my place my deserted place.

41 There where are my sons, there I am; there where you go, there I follow you,

42 if you stay with me, if you keep me, if you keep my Spirit.

43 Fasten your Spirit unto me and I will fasten my Spirit unto you; and fasten yourselves unto me; and remain fastened.

44 Oh, remain fastened, oh yes; because, yes, oh, the speedster is propelled with an unsuspected speed

45 in order to reach destination, oh yes, and, to pick up new passengers on the way.

46 Remain fastened! and accelerate! Oh yes, travel from place to place

47 in order to give and, to sow and, to provide, yes, in order to harvest, harvest the fruit.

48 Ah, it is me who is putting in the gasoline. It is me who is supplying the gasoline in the speedster.

49 It is me who is even driving the speedster; it is me who makes it, yes, find people through you;

50 but you must be fastened!

51 Make sure your belt is well fastened. Fasten yourselves! Fasten yourselves!

52 Ah, fasten, tie up and tighten the belt, yes, ah, in order to invite new passengers on board

53 and so that they also fasten themselves very well, them too, them too, them too. ©


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