The Persevering Sower — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 15


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Book 2017.

The Persevering Sower

Prayer unto God followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on March 1st, 2017 at 10:04 PM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time : 17 min 2 s
Recording : PELO0003LG5

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


15 (Prayer unto God.)

O Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus-Christ, o Father Eternal, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth,

in the name of Jesus-Christ, I command to have answers.

I wish to have answers, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. I wish to understand, Father Eternal.

Show me what I must see: I wish to understand what is happening.

I wish to know what is happening, o Father Eternal.

I wish to know what to expect, Father Eternal.

I wish to know what is happening, give me answers

right away, right away, right away, Father Eternal.

10 I call upon you with persistence, oh yes tonight, Father Eternal.

11 Father Eternal, who will meet the challenge of such a great salvation?

12 Who will accept it? Who will accept such a great salvation? Who? Who will have the audacity to go through it?

13 Who will have the audacity to serve you in spirit and in truth?

14 Who will prove himself to live up to the standards? Who will know how to be worthy to be in your household?

15 Who will it be? Who will be there? Who will be there?

16 Who will be there at the end, o Father Eternal? Who? Who? Who?

17 Who will be the elects? Who will be those people who will have won

18 that crown through there entire efforts, their entire powers?

19 Father Eternal, clear my ways, clear my spirit.

20 Ah, I wish to have more discernment, Father Eternal,

21 in order to see all that can be found before me.

22 In the name of Jesus-Christ, ah, the spirit of Life which lives inside of us,

23 yes, I wish it to be discerning and, so that it can discern what there is to see around me,

24 yes, so that I make the right choices, o Father Eternal, so that I can take the right decisions,

25 o Father Eternal, so that I execute the ways of the Eternal,

26 so that I do the will of the Eternal, to do the will of my Father,

27 and to do his will entirely, entirely, Father Eternal,

28 Father Eternal, to serve you with all my heart, oh yes, so that I am faithful unto you in all things.

29 Who? Who will keep me company? Yes, who will be there? Yes, who will keep me company for my journey, Father Eternal?

30 Who will be my helper in Christ? my helper in Christ, yes, the one who will be there?

31 Father Eternal, Father Eternal, I call for answers and, for answers and, for answers in the name of Jesus-Christ,

32 in the name of Jesus-Christ who suffered, who died and who is resurrected.

33 Father Eternal, Father Eternal, I stand upright before your face.

34 I am holding together my camp. I am holding together my camp, Father Eternal.

35 In the name of Jesus-Christ, I am holding together my camp, oh yes, before your face, o Father Eternal,

36 ah, imploring you and, calling upon you in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

37 in order to have answers, Father Eternal,

38 in order to have answers, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

39 in order to be victorious finally! at the end of all things, in order to vanquish the enemy outside.

40 Ah, Father Eternal,

41 you promised me happiness in the name of Jesus-Christ, you promised me a perfect match in the name of Jesus-Christ,

42 I take your words to be true, o genuine truths; yes, I wish to see them happening, those genuine truths.

43 I keep my faith anchored in God’s lanes; for I know that my Father, him, will never forsake me

44 and that he will always be concerned for all of my needs, oh, for all of my needs if I serve him with all my might.

45 It is such a great covenant, oh, to find a heart which is living up to our standards,

46 Father Eternal,

47 to find hearts of flesh and, not hearts of stone.

48 Ah, it is so full of difficulties, ah, to bring a stranger to do what he must me doing!

49 Why having to face so many difficulties, my Father? Why so much stiffness?

50 Ah your salvation scares people maybe. Your salvation is great, Father Eternal: it is impressive;

51 ah, but you promised me to have the victory, o Father Eternal. Oh, I will go ahead and I will take the victory.

52 Father Eternal, my Father Eternal,

53 the Eternal Lord of the armies, the Eternal Lord of the sons, the Eternal Lord of sons, the Eternal Lord of daughters,

54 the Eternal, the Eternal, the Father, ah, the Most-High God,

55 the most high Most-High God, who is in the most high position,

56 Father Eternal, ah, give me the strength,

57 ah the power in the name of Jesus, the courage, in the name of Jesus, the authority,

58 the authority to execute perfectly all of your ways, Father Eternal,

59 to execute them with exactitude, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

60 and to do and to produce for your house, o Father Eternal,

61 for the furtherance of the work of God.

62 Father Eternal, when will it be the proper time?

63 oh, Father Eternal, that you will show me

64 and that I will see, that I will take note and that I will be able to see,

65 ah yes, that the promised lands will be, yes, mine, so that lands produce some fruit,

66 some fruit, some fruit, some fruit! to sow virtue in those grounds.

67 (God’s prophecy.)

68 Oh, a sower went forth to sow and he sowed and, sowed and, sowed.

69 Oh yes, a portion of the seeds fell by the way side;

70 oh yes, the enemy came to take away the seeds from there. Oh yes!

71 And another portion of the seeds fell on stones; ah, when the Sun came,

72 well, oh yes, there was no root to make it survive and to grow.

73 Ah, another portion of the seeds fell among thorns, thorns and thistles;

74 choked by other plants, ah, tare choking the Word.

75 And then, finally! the seeds fell in good ground;

76 oh yes, winds came and rain fell and the Sun beated down, oh yes;

77 and the plant made roots and, grew. It grew, oh yes, so that the Word of Life could live.

78 Yes, this is your… oh yes, this is your task, my son; this is your task.

79 Yes, you are the sower and you are sowing, oh yes, in order to harvest,

80 to harvest living plants, oh yes, who are producing, yes, for the Most-High.

81 Well, if you come across thistles and that the seeds are not growing,

82 well, continue sowing, my son, continue sowing.

83 And if you see that the seeds are falling on the way side,

84 well, continue to sow, my son.

85 And if you come across stones and that the seeds are not surviving,

86 continue to sow, my son.

87 Ah, but I promise unto you, I promise unto you that one day, one day yes,

88 you will plant, oh yes, you will have planted that seed, sowed that seed

89 in a good ground, oh, in a ground ready to receive the word of Life; oh yes,

90 and that this plant, yes, will be able to live; that the seeds will make roots deep into the soil;

91 and the ground will let the plants produce the desired fruit and, more desired fruit, oh yes;

92 because seeds will have been sowed!

93 Yes, be courageous, my son. Hold on to your courage!

94 The sower must hold on to his courage and, must be persevering, persevering;

95 oh yes, must be facing bad weather and, must be facing yes

96 what is there, what gets set up, making obstacles and, blocking, oh yes, the work of the sower.

97 My promises are my promises! My promises will always be held.

98 Oh yes, keep your perfect faith.

99 Keep yourself solidly anchored, solidly! solidly! solidly! in order to sow and, to sow the Word.

100 Oh yes, sow, sow! Sow, my son and soon, you will harvest. ©


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