Little Explosive Bombs — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 17


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Book 2017.

Little Explosive Bombs

Prayer unto God followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on March 7th, 2017 at 6:49 AM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time : 6 min 49 s
Recording : ROY0537LG4

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


17 (Prayer unto God.)

People who will be clean people, in the name of Jesus-Christ, ah, women, serious women!

One woman! Father, just one! Just one, it is not asking for that much, Father.

One woman, one girl, who will take this salvation with seriousness, with the seriousness coming from God.

The seriousness! The seriousness! The seriousness!

Ah, Father Eternal, send to me… send her unto me, present her unto me.

Tell me which one it is, Father Eternal, in order to avoid bottomless pits,

in order to avoid thorns and, to avoid and to avoid the tricks and traps of the devil

and, to now find the pearl, so rare, so rare, so rare.

10 (God’s prophecy.)

11 Territories are mined. Territories are mined, says the Eternal.

12 Territories are mined, mined with the devil’s mines, with mines ready to explode in your face, oh yes;

13 but among the mines in the field, there is… there is a pearl, there is a pearl

14 and I will be with my son so that he sets forward his step in front of the other

15 and so that he walks across the field, oh yes, so that he walks and so that he sets one foot before the other,

16 one step after the other step and, so that his foot wavers not and, so that his foot avoids,

17 avoids successfully the useless, noxious mines, noxious mines,

18 so that he finds this pearl in the field, in the mined huge field.

19 Do not let the mines hurt you. I gave you the authority on every unclean spirit.

20 Take the authority which I gave you;

21 and go forth, and walk this walk, and go forth, and go forth;

22 Walk make a campaign, make a campaign, yes, on fields filled up with mines;

23 because the mines, the mines, I will protect you against them.


24 I protect you against the mines, the little explosive bombs;

25 but among the fields full of mines, there is the blessing of God, my blessing;

26 because me, I see everything, me, I probe everything.

27 Me, I go inside the spirit and inside the soul; and I can see everything;

28 and if I told you: “I found the pearl.”, it is because I have seen the pearl and because the pearl is there;

29 but give me some time, give me some time, give me some time,

30 I will bring it, be sure I will bring it.

31 The Lord says he will bring, be patient, take courage and you shall receive. ©


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