Controlling The Old Man — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 23


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Controlling The Old Man

Prayer unto God followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on March 22nd, 2017 at 9:24 PM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time : 10 min 7 s
Recording : PELO0008LG5, PRO-PELO0094

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


23 (Prayer unto God.)

O Father Eternal, Father Eternal, Father Eternal,

Father Eternal, my Father Eternal,

if only we could already be Above to be with you by your side,

if only we were already there,

rejoicing, rejoicing and rejoicing to be obtaining God’s paradise,

the paradise to go to the house of my Father.

I am not there yet, but I am going there. I am going there! I am on my way to heaven.

Let’s all be on the way to heaven. On the way! On the way!

10 The road is long and narrow, tight and getting tighter.

11 If the righteous person is scarcely saved, what will it be for the others, for the unjust and wicked people?

12 Even for the righteous person the road is tight and is becoming increasingly tighter.

13 Ah, times! Times are short.

14 Father Eternal, Father Eternal, you want us to serve you; therefore, you brought us Jesus,

15 Jesus of Nazareth, ah, Jesus-Christ, ah, resurrected, resurrected yes, living right now, amen,

16 a member of the great family of God, a member of the great royal lineage,

17 so that people remain faithful in each thing to their Master, to their Father,

18 ah, so that we have a salvation that is so great, so great as my Paul was saying it:

19 “What is the price of a few sufferings on Earth for such a great reward?”

20 Father Eternal, I pray, o Father Eternal, that you give us the strength,

21 oh, the strength and the courage and, the perseverance,

22 to accomplish all of your desires, all of your commandments with faithfulness, faithfulness,

23 so that we accomplish each thing that is asked of us and, so that we please you and, so that we are useful for your glory.

24 O Father Eternal, useful to the glory of my Father, oh, demonstrating this family,

25 this Spirit, oh yes, this living Spirit, this Spirit that is different,

26 this Spirit wanting to inhabit, wanting to dominate, ah, the flesh.

27 (God’s prophecy.)

28 Oh, nobody can be my son, nobody can be my daughter,

29 oh, if your flesh is not dominated, oh, in order to take control over your spirit, oh yes,

30 in order to welcome my Spirit into your spirit and, so that you are liable to my Spirit

31 and, so that you recognize that the old man is not useful,

32 that the old man has no value

33 and that the old man will lead you into tortuous roads,

34 useless roads of perdition and of loss and, of cliffs, yes,

35 ah, in order for you to fall down on thorns

36 and, for you to burn and, for you to burn and, for you to burn.

37 Ah, do not make that mistake. You, recognize that you must, oh, trample on your flesh, kill your flesh.

38 Let the flesh die, says the Eternal. Let the flesh die and let the Spirit live

39 and let the Spirit dominate and let it dominate on each thing, on the invisible and visible things;

40 oh, because my Son came and my Son accomplished and my Son, ah, showed the way,

41 he gave the example to follow, he gave the proof through his life and his death and resurrection,

42 yes, in order to give access, to give access to everybody and to demonstrate

43 and, in order for you to be like him, like him, so that you walk like him, like him

44 exactly like him so that you can say: “Yes I gave my life.

45 Yes I gave my life and on this day, I am walking in the Spirit, yes, in the Word of God

46 and I am not allowing myself to be depressed by the flesh and by sins;

47 no, I cut them out of my life and I cut them out of my life and I cut them out of my life,

48 and in the name of Jesus, I get rid of them, oh, in order to kill the flesh and to let the Spirit live,

49 and so that the Spirit lives and that the Spirit dominates and that the Spirit can glorify the Eternal.”

50 Oh yes, go away from sin. Go away from evil. Go away from impurities.

51 Go away. Separate.

52 Be separated and, separating and, separating, oh yes,

53 and demonstrating yourselves and this is how you demonstrate the difference;

54 and this is how you demonstrate to which family you belong from now on; yes, for you are becoming mine.

55 Oh yes, I cherish you with all my might, oh, jealously.

56 With jealousy, I placed my Spirit on those people who accepted,

57 accepted to become son, to become daughters of the Most-High; ah but, be such and remain such.

58 Be my sons, be my daughters, but remain so.

59 Remain so until the end and remain so, remain so until the day, yes, when I will welcome you

60 in space, in the place that I prepared for you.

61 Oh, persevere. Persevere in my Word. Persevere in my Spirit.

62 Persevere in rejecting sin. Persevere, persevere and you shall vanquish, says the Eternal.©


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