Fratricidal Attacks — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 24


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Book 2017.

Fratricidal Attacks

Prayer unto God and exhortation followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on March 23rd, 2017 at 10:41 AM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time: 15 min 45 s
Recordings : ROY0538, PRO-PELO0095

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


24 (Exhortation and prayer.)

In the name of Jesus-Christ, we will dominate, Father Eternal.

Your Spirit will dominate on all these spirits of divisions, in the name of Jesus-Christ,

so that they recognize those people serving the Eternal, and that it is not only with their dollars,

that it is not only with material goods, no; but spiritual goods we can also serve those unto God,

and God accepts spiritual goods, these living sacrifices, sacrifices of hours, sacrifices of time,

sacrifices, sacrifices of sacrifices.

Even if they profit not the flesh, it is a sacrifice unto God, sacrifice of a good odour, odour raised unto God.

In the name of Jesus-Christ, I rebel against these spirits of divisions, and of fratricidal attacks.

10 I chase them away, in the name of Jesus-Christ, these spirits of extortion, and of serpents.

11 In the name of Jesus-Christ, let the Lord reveal everything, let him reveal and chase them,

12 to chase away the spirit, the demons, the spirit of divisions and, of hate and, of hypocrisy,

13 so that the house of God recognizes, that the nation of God recognizes.

14 What is this playing in the back of your brother, and of your sister? Hey! Do you think that God does not see you doing this? Hey?

15 You are not even scared that God punishes you, and then, that he chases you out?

16 God says to fear him, well, it is a must to start fearing him even more.

17 You never know when God will decide to put his hand on your collar; there will not remain much value of your flesh.

18 God is patient with us now, but, hey! let’s wake up!

19 Let’s wake up in serving him in Spirit and in truth,

20 not only through words now, but through concrete actions done on a daily basis,

21 in everything you do, in your entire person, in your entire spirit, in your entire strength,

22 in everything, in everything! everything! everything! everything!

23 so that we are now filled up with the Spirit of holiness, with the Holy Spirit

24 indicating each thing unto us, advising each thing unto us, showing each thing unto us!

25 Yes the Scriptures are teaching us, but the Spirit is also teaching us when the Spirit is showing us.

26 Ah, I pray the Eternal

27 that the Spirit goes to show them now, that the Spirit goes to visit them,

28 that the Spirit dominates them, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth,

29 that the Spirit makes them act in the flesh

30 so that they accomplish the desires of God, the desires of the Word,

31 so that they act in the terms of the Spirit and not, in the terms of the flesh

32 because the flesh, her, it will burn, the flesh will fall; ah, but the Spirit, him, he dominates.

33 (God’s prophecy.)

34 The Spirit is dominating and the Spirit of the Eternal will always be dominating;

35 ah, but it is a must that the children are serving and that they are serving me,

36 honouring me! honouring each other among themselves! and demonstrating the Word and the spirit of my Spirit.

37 Do not hurt your brother! Do not hurt your sister! Do not play little games!

38 Do not do small actions which can have great impacts

39 to hurt feelings! to attack! no!

40 Take the time to ponder, to think, ask me and then accomplish, accomplish.

41 Put your house in order, place one thing to its place and the other thing to its place,

42 so that everybody recognizes its place

43 and, that me, I can then decide whom I shall elevate and whom I shall diminish.

44 Do you wish to be elevated? or do you wish to be diminished? Do you wish the blessings? or do you wish the plagues?

45 Me, I wish to bless and I wish to elevate all of my sons and all of my daughters

46 in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Fire.

47 Do not oblige me to punish and to diminish. Oh yes!

48 Ah, if I diminish you and that I end up punishing you, ah yes, it will be a public demonstration.

49 I will make a show and I will be demonstrating myself, oh and, I will be revealing who are ah, those people who are not inhabited by my Spirit;

50 because my Spirit is working, working! working on you

51 so that you serve me with all your heart! with all your might,

52 so that all of your mind is directed towards me.

53 All! All! All! All! All! All! All! All! All!

54 Give it all to me. Give it all to me.

55 Serve one another. Serve one another. Serve one another.

56 If what you’re doing is not serving your brother or sister,

57 than don’t do it, just don’t do it; because the one who serves shall be the first.

58 Serve one another in one spirit of charity, of hope and of faith.

59 The Most-High God is asking for it, requesting some more and some more and some more

60 and I am waiting for some more and do it some more, produce it some more, I want some more.

61 How? How? Can’t I receive more? Can’t you do more?

62 Oh, you can do more.

63 Oh yes, you can do more and you can have a better way and you can find a better way

64 to serve one another and to serve the Most-High God

65 that is talking to you, that is showing you, that is teaching you,

66 for your sake, for your sake! for the sake of your soul

67 and for the sake of the soul of your brothers, of your sisters,

68 Don’t you see that in the body of Christ, every part is important?

69 Every part is interconnected in a way that you don’t even understand.

70 You don’t understand it,

71 but what I am telling you is to continue to serve one another in one Spirit,

72 to be one, and to be one in charity, in faith and in hope.©


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