A Suffocating Narrowness — “Holy Scriptures” Book 2017, Chapter 25


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Book 2017.

A Suffocating Narrowness

Prayer unto God followed
by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on March 29th, 2017 at 8:03 PM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time: 9 min 9 s
Recordings : PELO0009LG5, PRO-PELO0096

Recordings, transcription, edition
translation in English language and publication
by Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


25 (Prayer unto God.)

O Father Eternal, o Father Eternal, o Father Eternal,

again and again and again standing before your face, o Father Eternal,

calling upon you, talking to you, talking to the Most-High, to the most-high God.

Father Eternal, roads are narrow, of a suffocating narrowness.

Father Eternal, I shout unto you, I am asking you, the Liberator, the Saviour,

in the name of Jesus, to take care of your elects, of the sons and daughters, of the children of the Most-High.

Father Eternal, the burdens, the burdens, ah, the burdens!

how much longer? how much longer?

10 Father Eternal, patience, patience, patience!

11 Ah, more patience! Father Eternal, more perseverance! more resilience!

12 Ah, Father Eternal, more courage! more and more! more fruits from Above.

13 (God’s prophecy.)

14 Shout my name, says the Eternal. Shout my name. Shout my name

15 again! and louder! on this very day! and tomorrow! and the day after.

16 Yes, shout unto me. Shout unto me. Ask of me.

17 Call upon the name of the Most-High God so that he responds to your requests.

18 The Eternal, is he deaf so that he hears not? The Eternal, is he mute so that he responds not?

19 The Eternal, is he dead to abandon his sons and his daughters?

20 Ah, the Eternal, has he stopped to be a Father for his children?

21 Ah, the Eternal will he give you a serpent if you are asking for water?

22 Oh, if you wish that everything you are asking for is granted unto you

23 in the perfection of my Word,

24 pray again and again, ask of me again and again, oh, call upon me again and again.

25 Call upon me, my sons. Call upon me, my daughters.

26 Ah, I am asking you to call upon me and to pray, to ask of me.

27 Ah, send me your requests. Escalate unto me your praises. Escalate unto me your prayers.

28 Oh, the Eternal will hear all of your cries.

29 Ah, the Eternal will be reading what’s on your hearts, yes, everything that is bothering you.

30 Oh yes, like the good father, yes, I am the Good Father, ah, a good father for my children.

31 I will take care of you, oh yes, I will set up the table in order to serve you the delicacies you wish to have,

32 to supply you with what you need, to nourish all of your cells,

33 oh, to dress you up, oh, to find you a place to live in, oh yes, to give you everything you need to have and even more.

34 But! serve me! You must be serving me in Spirit and in Truth.

35 You must be serving me with all of your heart. With all of your heart you shall serve the Eternal.

36 With all your might, you shall serve me, says the Eternal.

37 Oh yes, you shall serve me with all your mind, serve me with all your body,

38 and, serve me and, serve me in all your conduct,

39 so that, yes, you escalate unto me your prayers and, your requests and, your actions worthy of my grace,

40 and, your praises and, your singings and, your dances,

41 ah, and that all these things are demonstrated unto me.

42 Show to your Father who you are and you will see if your Father does not show up to you and, if he is a deception;

43 ah, because the Eternal is not a God who deceives his children;

44 never, never.©


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