A Spiritual Food: Prayer, God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 35)



Is there not here
a prophet of the Lord,
that we may enquire
of the Lord by him?”

(2 Kings 3 : 11)

About —Oliver Roy,
prophet of the Lord— 

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A Spiritual Food

Prayer unto God followed by God’s prophecy
pronounced in a gathering
of saints of God

Recorded on April 17th, 2017 at 8:09 AM
Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Running time: 12 min 13 s
Recording: ROY0544LG4, PRO-PELO0106

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


35 (Prayer unto God.)

Let the Holy Spirit
prepare the table for
the arrival of the man of God.

Let the Holy Spirit
do some clean up
to free the air, and then,
the hearts and the spirits,

in order to receive
the holy teaching with joy,
and to receive
the prophet with honour.

I command the ways of God,
in the name of Jesus-Christ,
to send the Holy Spirit,

in order to break Satan’s chains
so that the Light reigns
and that the God’s promises
are perfectly accomplished

in all things
at the proper time
so that the work of patience
accomplishes perfectly his work.

Father Eternal,
send your Holy Spirit
in order to rebuke all demons,
to chase away Satan’s spirits,

to do a clean up,
yes to sanctify each thing

so that the spirit is good,
so that the atmosphere is free
and the hearts tender,

tender for receiving,
tender for listening.

(God’s prophecy.)

Yes, listen well!
Listen well,
says the Eternal.

Listen well
to my Word.
Come closer!

Come closer!
Listen well.
Oh yes, listen well.

Don’t be in a waiting state
any longer,
but listen well even more.

Come closer,
come to me,
come to me.

Come closer to your God.
Come closer to the source of Life,
come much closer

in order for you to drink abundantly,
drink abundantly the water of Life
that wants to live inside of you,
that wants to enter inside of you.

Oh yes, the Eternal is now calling.
Go, go towards the Lord.
Go, go meet him.

Come to me
all of you who are tired
and I shall give you
the water of Life.

The water of Life!
My water of Life!
Do you want to have
some of that water of Life?

Yes sweet for your palate
and bitter for your bowels,
because it has been said:

“Yes, you shall eat
and you shall drink,
oh, of this Bread
and of my Blood.”

Yes, yes, you shall eat:
you shall read, yes, and practice,
you shall drink of the cup,
ah, of your Master

in order to please him
in all things,
yes, through hearing the Word
and, sowing it inside of you;

because the Meal you are eating
lives eternally in you, in you;
no, you shall not reject it,
you shall eat it and keep it;

because it is a spiritual food
that you don’t need to reject.

Oh yes! You keep it
not in the manner you keep
the liquids of this world,
oh yes, the meals, no;

because those ones, we reject them:
we ingest them and we eject them;

but the word of Life, the Bread:
the Flesh and the Blood of my Son,
we take it and we keep it;

and we keep it,
and you keep it;

and you hear the Word
and you keep the Word,

and you keep the Word,

in order to be useful unto me
in each thing, in all things,

for your God.


Copyright © 2017 ℗ All rights reserved
Published by Guylaine Roy

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