Europe 2017 Faith Journey – by Verdant Oliver Roy

Dear Blog Readers,

For the first time
in everyting I ever published,
I am introducing to you
one of the many man of God :
Verdant Oliver Roy.

This young man was raised
in the teaching of the Word of God
and he is now at a point of his life
where he is experiencing
faith on his own.

In fact, he became a prophet of God
during the year 2014
at the age of 20 years old
and he is regularly
expanding his activities
for the glory of the holiness of God.

Not only do I plan
to publish his articles,
I am particularly
inviting you to become
a follower of his own blog
which he started
not very long ago.

Plus, if you need pastoral services,
you can reach him through his
wordpress blog site
contact information.

You can start reading about his plan
for Europe 2017 Faith Journey
written by Verdant Oliver Roy


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