Be Useful Unto Me: Open reasoning, Prayer, God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 46)


Is there not here
a prophet of the Lord,
that we may enquire
of the Lord by him?”

(2 Kings 3 : 11)

About —Oliver Roy,
prophet of the Lord— 

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Be Useful Unto Me

Open reasoning and prayer followed by
God’s prophecy
pronounced in the gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on June 4th 2017 at 2:20 PM
Warsaw, Poland
Running time: 6 m 55 s
Recording: ROY0554LG4, PRO-PELO0116

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


46 (Open reasoning and prayer unto God.)

There is no virus that can
resist the hand of God.
God created, formed everything.

People, they played around
creating virus
and all kinds of biological things

and then, spreading all that
on the Earth here and there,

multiplying all kinds of
new biological things,
and, all kinds of bacteria,
all kinds of molecules.

And then it is a well-paying thing
the entire wildfire industry,
have you thought about that?

It represents a lot of money:
it represents billions of dollars.

I read that the virus never dies,
he just goes to hide
inside your ganglions,

and then, after that it comes back
at one time or another.

In the name of Jesus-Christ,
I chase away, I kill you to the root
where you are inside ganglions.

I am killing you in all the cells
of the body, in the name of Jesus,
so that this uncleanliness
comes out of this body.

In the name of Jesus-Christ,
Father Eternal, it is a must
to kill this dirty virus,

this uncleanliness of this Earth
this uncleanliness
which is not necessary.

Father Eternal,
it is a must to purify the gold,
purify the gold, purify the gold,

oh yes, to test your gold
so that it is pure,
pure, pure.

There must not be any
small aggregates, no:
a pure and perfect gold.

Father Eternal, I am ordering you,
in the name of Jesus of Nazareth
to go inside the ganglions,

to go inside the body
and, inside the neck
and, to go everywhere, everywhere!
everywhere! everywhere!

so that we can pray
with a perfect con
fi dence,
a strong faith,

to pray and, to pray,
oh, and, to heal,
in the name of Jesus-Christ.

Father Eternal,
take control,
take control,

evacuate, evacuate this nastiness,
this nastiness out of the body,
of your temple. Ah yes!

(God’s prophecy.)

Yes, yes, parasite! Get out!
Yes, virus! Get out!
Get out! Impurities!

Oh yes,
you are not useful:
you must go out!

You are not producing
something for me:
you must go out!

Yes, you must go out!
Ah! Go out of my sight!
Oh yes, dead twiggy! Oh yes!

My Word is working
inside your ganglions,
in order to get rid of the virus,
oh, once and for all!

ah, in order to destroy the virus
to its root!

Yes, what is not useful
to my temple, must go out.

You don’t want to go out?
Be useful unto me!

Find a way to serve me,
oh, to please me in all things,
oh, and I shall keep you.

Oh yes! I will make you boil!
I will make you boil!
I want you to be boiling hot!

Yes, I will bring in the heat,
the heat of my Fire on you,
the heat of my Fire on you!

in order to make you boil,
oh yes, to put you to the test
and, to sanctify you even more

in order to come out as a pure gold!
pure! says the Eternal,
a pure gold! well-tested!
worthy of my reward.


Copyright © 2017 ℗ All rights reserved
Published by Guylaine Roy

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