500 Posts For All Followers



These 500 posts are there for the benefit of your soul’s well-being. I am aware that you may not fully understand each and every detail of each of these posts, but I know that the words which are given to a prophet under the influence of the Holy Ghost are words which are Spirit and Life. If you read them, these words will slowly form your mind in accordance to the Spirit of Jesus-Christ. This is what God’s prophecies are all about : forming your mind to be to the image of Jesus-Christ!

So keep reading what God has to say! The honour and the glory for your reading these posts belong to Jesus-Christ, —the author of these posts through the work of God’s writer (which is me at the present moment) and of his prophets,— and the benefit coming from reading these posts belong to each one of you if you let them form you into a different person.

By the way, remember that we can offer you pastoral services (preaching, Bible reading on the phone or in person, etc.) My son Oliver and I, both actively involved in these preaching activities, are welcoming any offering to keep supporting the publication of the word of God. Support my posts and many more preaching activities in any money currency of your choice through my son’s Paypal account. It would be nice if each one of you were to send any amount of your choice. We have given our time freely and money for buying equipment for so many years that a little encouragement on your part would make such a difference in our hearts first and formost and in our financial capacity to feed you with more to come. Remember and be reassured that 100% of the offerings are for the preaching activities as we are earning our own money for our daily carnal needs.

Once again: every amount is a blessing. To send your financial help, you only have to enter this email address uspekh@hotmail.com into the PayPal link.

Make a donation, click on this link : PayPal Transfer Link

Help the man of God and the woman of God, and the Most-High God shall give you a reward. Click on this Bible verse to read it : Matthew 10 : 41-42.



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