The Affliction Overwhelms Me: Prayer unto God. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 66)


Is there not here
a prophet of the Lord,
that we may enquire
of the Lord by him?”

(2 Kings 3 : 11)

About —Oliver Roy,
prophet of the Lord— 

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The Affliction Overwhelms Me

Prayer worded out
in the great gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on August 21st, 2017 at 2:14 PM
Montréal Region, CANADA
Running time: 5 m 41 s
Recording: ROY0565G4, PRO-PELO0136

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


66 (Prayer.)

If I live, it is for

the sake of Christ that I live.
If I die,
it is a gain for me.

Father, if only

you brought me with you
in order to make me free

of the constraints of this world,

of the constraints of this body,
of constraints which constrain.

Oh, my body is yours.

My spirit,

I put it at your service;
but defend me.

Defend me, my Father.

Defend me.
Defend me in a manner
I would not be able to do it.

Honour me in a way

nobody can do it.
Give me the power
to endure what is your will.

Oh yes, the burden is great.

Oh yes, the distances are great.

Ah, you gave me the power.

My power is not distress;
because Christ is my power;

and Christ lives on this day

and he intercedes, oh yes,
helping me in touching God.

I love you, Father,

but do not let people
hurt us like this.

I am in pain, you know,

but when I am weak
that I know that I am strong.

Oh yes, when the affliction

overwhelms me and that
I still resist, oh, that
I keep enduring for Christ,

that is how I know

that my power
is not distress,

oh, and that Christ lives in me,

oh yes, fighting
the good fight.

Oh, I love you, Father.


Copyright © 2017 ℗ All rights reserved
Published by Guylaine Roy

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