A Dispute, An Agreement: Prayer, God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 103)


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A Dispute,
An Agreement

Prayer unto God followed by God’s prophecy
worded out in the great gathering
of the saints of God

Recorded on September 26th, 2017 at 05:38 AM
Greater Montréal, CANADA
Running time: 5 m 50 s
Recording: ROY0591R44, PRO-PELO0171

Recordings, transcription, edition,
translation in English language and publication by
Guylaine Roy (GROY) © 2017


103 (Prayer unto God.)

Father Eternal, right now,
I do not know who is
creating a disagreement,

I do not know who
is doing what in this dispute;

but me, what I know
is what I need, Father, and
I want you to give it to me
in the name of Jesus-Christ.

Father Eternal,
today I am calling upon you
to move your hand in the middle
of this dispute,

o Father Eternal,
in order to clean up the situation,
so that yours sons are blessed,

blessed by the hand of God,
so that they continue to be blessed
by the hand of the ungodly people.

Father Eternal,
you have great plans
and, Father Eternal,
we need funding too.

Father Eternal,
make it so that
the egos deflate

and so an agreement is found
and, a handshake is given,
in order to keep the blessing
in your household, Father Eternal.

(God’s prophecy.)

In truth, in truth, I am telling you
that he who serves me is blessed,
that he who serves me
is protected by my hand.

Oh, will you be worrying
about tomorrow?
Will you be worrying
about the enemy outside?

Will you be worrying?
Will you be worrying?

Oh, but if you are concerned;
well then, you shall pray your God
and what will your God do?

Hey? What will I do
with the prayers of my sons,
with the prayers of my daughters?

How could I
give you a serpent
if you are asking for a fish?

hey? yes, give you a thorn
if you are asking for a pearl?

Oh, the Eternal is that much just,
the Eternal is that much great
to always bring it in unto his sons

and, always give in abundance
at the suitable time, yes, yes.

Shout the victory:
oh, the Eternal is living.
Shout the victory:
I am with you.

Shout the victory:
oh yes, there exist
no other way.

This is the way
of the sons of God.
My way!

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved


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