I Push On And On: God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 121)

121   * * *

¶ [Translation of a transcription,
from French to English.]

[Prophecy commanded by God.
All words pronounced and
live recorded

by the prophet Oliver Roy
on October 23, 2017 at 3:22 PM,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[Words transcribed, translated,
edited and published
by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[PELO0033SONY • PRO PELO0189 •
Running time : 2 m 54 s

[Copyright © ℗ All rights reserved.]

¶ 1/1 [Prophecy commanded by God,
translated from French.]

Oh, the Eternal is great.
The Eternal is powerful.
Oh, the Eternal pushes on.

Oh yes, I push on.
Yes, I push on.
My wind is pushing on.

My wind,
the good wind of the Eternal,
my wind is pushing on,
pushing on, pushing on.

My wind is pushing on,
pushing on and on
and my wind pushes on;

and I am pushing on
and I am going forth, oh,
and I am still pushing on.

Will people recognize
that I am pushing on?
The Eternal is pushing on!

Recognize my footsteps,
recognize my lanes,
recognize my voice,

oh, so that you see,
oh and, so that you believe me,
oh and, so that you fear me, yes;

because I am pushing on,
pushing on and on,

I am pushing on the reprobate, ah,
into his deviation in order for him
to never seek my lane.

Left on their own, without a guide,
without the heavenly Father,
they make gods for themselves;

but they don’t have the God,
the Great one, the Eternal;

and I also push on
my sons and daughters;
and I also push on
my blessings;
and I push on
all these things.

I am pushing on!
Oh yes, you must feel this.
Feel this now.

Seek me, ah, so that
you can feel me.

Seek me so that
I can use you, houhh,
so that I can push on you, oh yes;

because I can push on you
yes, towards your elevation,
I can also push on you
to go lower than before.

Yes, I am the one who is controlling.
This is how it is. Beware.

Oh, beware. Beware.
Believe me. Believe me.

Yes, believe that I am pushing on
and go on pushing on
and I shall be pushing on
for you;

but beware, oh yes,
of false gods,
make sure to not make
graven images, no;

make sure to not seek
the gods of this world, no,
seek the God from Above,
the Eternal. © ℗

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

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