Spirits Of Worry: God’s prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2017” (chap. 126)

126  * * *

¶ [Translation of a transcription,
from French to English.]

[Prophecy commanded by God.
All words pronounced
by the prophet Oliver Roy
on November 29, 2017 at 12:55 PM,
Montréal, CANADA.]

[Words live recorded, transcribed,
translated, edited and published
by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[ROY0611R44 • PRO PELO0194 •
Running time : 3 m 6 s

[Copyright © ℗ All rights reserved.]

¶ 1/1 [Prophecy commanded by God,
translated from French.]

The man worries,
the woman worries,
oh, mankind worries.

Recognize who is your Father.
Recognize who is your God.
Recognize who is protecting you.
Recognize who is taking action.

Recognize the one who is.
Recognize who I am.
Recognize that my Son came.
Oh, recognize, recognize.

Oh yes, ah, appease,
oh, your soul.
Appease your heart.

Oh, let peace fill you up.
Peace on you! Peace on you!
Peace on you, oh,

for your Father forsakes you not,
for your Father is with you,
for your Father doesn’t let you down

and your Father, he is there;
and your Father, he goes forth;
and your Father, he shows up;
and your Father, talk to him.

Talk to him, confide unto him
all your worries,
with all your heart.

Confide unto him
with all your might,
says the Eternal.

Cease to bear these burdens!!!
Enough! Confide unto me.
Unload yourself.
Unload your heart.

Unload your mind.
This is too heavy for you.
Let go,
but do not go away from me.

Nothing happens without my approval
and you know I protect my breed;
therefore, give up worry.

In the name of Jesus-Christ now,
sending peace
in your heart.

Get rid of worry, of this anxiety.

I push away the spirits of worry;
away in the abyss, oh yes,
for attacking the sheep, oh yes;

but the Eternal is living,
the Eternal is jealous. Oh yes!

Mine! Mine! All mine!
All, all mine!
All mine!© ℗


Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2017 ℗
All rights reserved
Published by
Guylaine Roy

Oliver Roy,
prophet of the Lord

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