Cells Are Nervous: Prayer, God’s Prophecy (Vocal). In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2018” (chap. 8)

8        * * *

 ¶ [Translation of a transcription.]

[Prayer improvised by Oliver Roy.
Prophecy commanded by God.
Words pronounced
by the prophet Oliver Roy
on Jan. 8, 2018 at 01:05 AM,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[Words recorded, transcribed,
translated from French
and published by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[ROY0622R44 • PRO PELO0205]
[Copyright © ℗ All rights reserved.]

 ¶ 1/2 [Prayer unto God
translated from French.]

Father Eternal,
You healed my arms.

O Father Eternal,
you did that for me.
Now, explain unto me

What is happening
with my skin?
What is missing?
What is still needed to be done,
Father Eternal?

Father Eternal,

Now, we did some organizing.
We moved the dusty air,
we did what had to be done,

and now, I wish to have
a perfect healing.

I want you
to show me the source
as you did it in the past.

Reveal unto me the source,
the cause, the why and the how,
and help me to heal,
to calm down my skin.

 ¶ 2/2 [Prophecy of God
translated from French.]

Yes-yes, yes,
your cells are nervous.

Your cells are nervous,
inflamed, inflaming themselves
for very little things.

Your cells are nervous:
they are inflamed to the contact
of exterior things;

but I am ordering to your cells
to have peace
and, to be in peace with all things

and, to calm themselves down
and, to let go the inflammation,
yes, which disturbs
the balance of your body.

I am giving them my orders.

I order so and I give unto you
what you are asking,
be courageous, soon, soon;

because I will go inside your cells,
I will come in to calm things down.

You must all be in one accord.
There is no incoherence.
Honour the Eternal
and you will be blessed.

Your temple is mine
and your cells are mine
and I am ordering your cells
to calm down.

Calm down, says God. © ℗

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

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