Above The Mountains: Prayer, Praises, God’s Prophecy (Acappella ♪). In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2018” (chap. 40)

40    * * *

¶ [Translation of a transcription,
from French to English.]

[Prayer and Praises
improvised by Oliver Roy.
Prophecy commanded by God.
All words pronounced
by the prophet Oliver Roy
on July 29, 2018 at 2:54 PM,
Kirklareli, TURKEY.]

[Words live recorded over the phone,
transcribed, translated and published
by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.

[ROY0653R44 • PRO PELO0237]
[Copyright © All rights reserved.]

¶ 1/2 [Prayer and praises unto God
translated from French.]

In the name of Jesus-Christ,
Father Eternal, We are before you
holy and pure

and we are praying in the name of
Jesus of Nazareth, to have a joy,
Father Eternal,

we have never seen,
we have never suspected,
we have never heard of,

but that we had (Defective audio.)
we had asked for, and that
we are asking for, Father Eternal.

Father Eternal, Do that! Do that!
Do that for the saints,
the saints who are before you,

who are praying and,
asking for and, and fasting for and,
shouting for, crying for.

Fulfill our needs.
Multiply us, Father Eternal.
Make us powerful again.

More power! More instructions!
More money, yes, because
we are in the need of these.

We give! We give! We give!
Now, we demand
and we wish to receive.

We are seeking for the blessing
which cometh from Above;
for a man seeks to serve itself,
but the saint pray his God,

and the saint calls upon his God,
solicits him, mobilizes him,
so that he gets the glory.

Yes, let the holy one
give the glory unto God.
All must give glory unto God.

¶ 2/2 [God’s prophecy
translated from French.]

Give me the glory.
Give me the glory
and the victory is yours.

I want to have the glory
and, obedience and, holiness.
Walk on! Walk on!

Yes, my daughter, my daughter,
my daughter, my daughter,
Hear me! Hear my voice. Hear me.

Hear me and wait for me.
Wait for me and hear me, because
I come soon and be courageous.

Be courageous, yes-yes, I lead you,
I bring you and I shall carry you
above the mountains
so that you shine. © ℗

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

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