Nice To see, To Smell: Prayer, God’s Prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2018” (chap. 46)

46    * * * 

¶ [Translation of a transcription
from French to English.]

[Prayer improvised by Oliver Roy.
Prophecy commanded by God.
All words pronounced
by the prophet Oliver Roy
on August 25, 2018 at 7:57 AM,
Moscow, RUSSIA.]

[Words live recorded over the phone,
transcribed, translated and
published by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[ROY0659R44 • PRO PELO0243]
[Copyright © All rights reserved.]

¶ 1/2 [Prayer unto God
translated from French.]

We push them in the Abyss,
we chain them in the Abyss,
in the name of Jesus, oh yes,

these men and women
who are transporting
wicked spirits.

We condemn them, these spirits,
in the name of Jesus-Christ
in order to open the lane and,
to flatten the way of the just one.

Amen. Unto you is the glory!
Unto us, your elects, is the victory!
Oh yes! The wicked spirit!

Oh yes, let us escape the impacts,
in the name of Jesus-Christ,

of the stones of the nasty ones,
in the name of Jesus,
of the nasty words,

those words coming from
spirits which are deviated,
spirits which are twisted.

In the name of Jesus, I praise you,
Father Eternal, so that you
come to all my needs.

All my needs!
All! All! All!
All! All! All!

¶ 2/2 [Prophecy of God
translated from French.]

Because you are great to me,
sons and daughters of God!
Because you are great to me,
my sons, my daughters!

Because you are beautiful to see!
You are beautiful to smell!
Of a good perfume to please me!
Of a good perfume to my nostrils!

Because you are of
a great price to me;

that is why I fight
for those people I cherish;
and I protect them too;
and I love them too;

and we navigate together
having the same Spirit and walk,
for my glory, says God.

For my glory! © ℗

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

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