Anchored To The Crown: God’s Prophecy. In “The Holy Bible Continues In 2018” (chap. 52)

52    * * *

¶ [Translation of a transcription
from French to English.]

[Prophecy commanded by God.
All words pronounced
by the prophet Oliver Roy
on October 24, 2018 at 6:13 PM,
Moscow, RUSSIA.]

[Words live recorded over the phone,
transcribed, translated and
published by Guylaine Roy,
Greater Montréal, CANADA.]

[ROY0665R44 • PRO PELO0247]
[Copyright © All rights reserved.]

¶ 1/1 [God’s prophecy.
translated from French.]

Deeply anchored,
mightily anchored,
solidly anchored,
deeply anchored,

anchored in depth,
anchored in detail,
anchored, largely anchored,

so that no one can succeed
in taking you away from me,
so that no one takes you from me,
for you are mine. Mine!

Let me use you.
Let me comfort you.
Let me fortify you.
Let me love you.

And you are doing that
and go on doing so,
so that you successfully resist

any assault, any spirit,
any enemy, any estranged,

oh yes, to be firmly anchored,
solidly anchored,
yes, welded to me,

welded of a perfect weld
which could not be undone.

I am the Eternal:
I shall always defend my breed
and my breed shall defend itself
in the name of Christ,
in the name of Jesus:

“In the name of Jesus,
I push away the spirit,
I push away the unclean spirit.”

And pushing away evil
in the name of Jesus, this is how
one goes forth and triumphs
by the grace given unto you.

So be filled with gratitude
and, with love and, with joy
suffering the good fight

in order to reach the result,
to make it to the divine crown
which shall never go out,
which is incorruptible. © ℗

Copyright © ℗ All Rights Reserved

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